5 Ways to Enjoy a Cruise Vacation on a Budget

A cruise provides so many temptations in a way to separate you from the money you worked hard for. The costs can go high if you are traveling with your family. But that doesn’t mean that you stop traveling. There are many ways you can use to ensure that you enjoy your trip even when on a budget.

Most of the time, cruise lines state that they are all-inclusive. They have accommodation, food, transportation, as well as entertainment. But the fact is that you will be shocked by the sales pitches you receive once you are on board. Everything comes at a price. If this is your experience, you don’t need to experience this anymore. Here are some of the ways to enjoy your cruise vacation without breaking a bank. 

Choose the port wisely

There is a possibility that airfare will take a large part of your holiday budget. That is if you intend to fly to the port for departure. You can save this by finding home ports near you where you can sail from. However, there are times when it can be hard to be flexible. A good example is for someone who cruises to Alaska. This means the person will have to sail from the West Coast. That is why we suggest that you compare the available departure ports and find one that is an affordable option.

Be flexible 

When it comes to planning trips, people forget to be flexible. Consider timing the cruise to fall out of the top travel period as this can be cost-effective. This is especially great if you are going on a trip with the rest of the family. However, this can be hard since most of the time, kids will be at school and the breaks come during the peak travel seasons. It pays to be flexible with your travel plans if you wish to save some cash. Another reason to book out of the peak season is that fewer people are traveling.

Watch out on ship cameramen

There will be a photography staff of the cruise line once you get out of the ship and you are in a new port. The team will capture those moments. There will also be a team that will capture your moments as the captain welcomes you. All these photos are special and you will notice them while on the ship. If you opt to buy every picture and call it a special moment, you will end up spending a fortune on pictures alone. Choose one that stands out and pays for it. The prices for these photos are usually high.

Avoid over-tipping

You will find cruise staff that will give you good service and impresses you. While there are occasions you may tip them, not every occasion or staff calls for a tip. Avoid tipping every staff who think has done you good. You will end up with nothing.

Don’t waste food

If you ate or drank wine and did not finish it, do not throw it away or give someone. You will need it tomorrow. By saving your food or the remained drink, you are also saving some cash.


There are many ways to save and enjoy your cruise vacation. You need to ensure you make preparations early enough and be careful about your spending – click here on royal caribbean cruise hacks.